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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Latest Works

First off guys...thanks for the comments on the last couple of posts. Hell it makes me feel that I am actually touching a nerve or reaching out or maybe I might just know what in the hell I am talking about.

That keeps the dream of me getting on the radio alive. Typing this crap takes to long...I can run my mouth about this shit for a good 2 hour show a day. And of course touch on other topics as well.

Have ya'll noticed I have stayed off of politics so far? Gonna keep it that way till I find something beyond stupid to really have fun with. I know...it's been beyond stupid for awhile Dave!! Trust me...that iceberg has got alot of weight.

Ok...well maybe a few know, lord I have 3 damn followers who are on my team...the other one is my wife...talk about fishing in the tank at the Dr's office. They will kick your ass out for that...HMO don't cover a prostate exam and taking home that pretty tigerfish. But at least let me shout out to you all.

Eduardo lives in Buenos Aires and has a sailboat. Hey Ash...your john boat out on the pond ain't got nothing on my buddy. He is also a psychiatrist...so far he thinks my problem deals with my lifelong fear of wallpaper. Or something along those lines.

Phil...the whiskeyrebel...who somehow became "paul" on here ( what?? ) is a published author and I swear the one man who gets it besides me...and of course since Carlin died.

Tiger...Ash...my buddy for too many years and the man who saved me from going to jail alot by beating up drunk asses because they couldn't deal with us in pool. In APA...I am a solid 5...Ash is a 7...chess...well...pool...he'll take your rent money.

Shelly...the wife. Published poet. And so far the only woman who understands me...thank God for medication.

I have been really wanting to sit down and work on my book...but orders have slowed me down on that. Not only orders...but I keep looking at shit and wanting to do something with it. That is what happened today.

I am getting two more forks glued for Shelly's family and I had to go into one of my drawers for another grinding wheel and saw this huge old file. Not a file you put papers in...a metal file. And I thought about an article I read in Blade magazine about a knifesmith starting out making knives out of files. So guess what? I ground it down...edged it up...and then slapped a handle on it!! Will be ready for display by Monday. I did a "sheepsfoot" pattern...kinda like a drop point for my first one. The wood is that really cool "lignum vitae". It turns blue...never seen anything like it...Ash has a knife with it.

Oh well...just kinda informative post tonight...will try and make ya'll laugh again soon.


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