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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I would like to apologize to my followers for not posting as of late. Most of you know what is happening at my house and I will do a full post on that pretty soon. Untill then I need to lash out about a few things...and hopefully entertain ya.

Somebody said it before me, but I always love to reiterate this one quote, "You have to take a test to drive a car, or pass school, or get a job...but they will let any idiot have a kid".

Folks, I am getting REALLY tired of the stupidity I am dealing with on a daily basis. I wish I had the finger power to sit here and type everything that I would like to...but this is a blog...not a damn novel. That my friends is almost in the works. And speaking of "blogs"...hell anyone can do one of these...now whether you read it or not is up to you. But if you do that stupid facebook crap...you have to read whatever the idiots that you allow on yours write. Case in point...this was on Shelly's:

Beware of those who announce to "Soar like Eagles" for they are the real "Turkey's" ......Eagles do not soar to be above others, but to better view the beautiful things they are a part of......Never selfish but selfless!

This has got to be the one of the dumbest things that some idiots forward in emails and cell phone messages. First off eagles are pretty much the highest on the food chain when it comes to birds. They "soar above" right before they come down and snatch your fucking cat. "Turkey's" have only two uses...holiday dinner and in between my fucking bread at lunch time. "Never selfish but selfless"...tell that to the rabbit that is getting ripped apart because his ass wasn't looking up!

Why don't people actually READ shit before they post it??? Or are they just too stupid and think "Wow!! That is really good! I bet others will read this and it will enlighten their day".

If that thought actually goes through some idiot's mind before they post this mindless drivel for me to actually have to sit and write this crap they should be locked into a porta potty and shoved off a cliff.

Seriously...if some dumb bastard was having a bad day and felt like slicing his wrists or guggling down a gallon of disinfectant, does this poster actually think this statement might change his mind? I would actually hope the reader who was having bad probs would have a whole new outlook on life and tell the dumbass that he is the one who should quit sniffing glue before be cuts and pastes retarded shit like that. And God forbid if it was an original thought...but some asshole came up with it...I hope he chokes on a golf ball.

Another thing about facebook ( I do not have an account...my wife does ) that is beyond stupid. All the messages that this person is now friends with this other person.

Who gives a fuck! How does that improve my life? I mean is it a celebration? Should I send a box of JujyFruits?? Or do I get a blowjob or some coupons to Kentucky Fried Chicken? Why in hell do I have to know that Julie and Stella are now friends? I swear I sat for about 10 minutes looking over Shelly's shit on facebook and I would rather have a rectal exam than tell people that facebook is part of my daily activities.

I have another piece to do that deals with a woman's magazine...that for some odd reason Shelly won a subscription to...but will tackle that on another day. But guys...if ya get a chance...seriously sit down and read the shit these women write in these things that are "supposed to help them understand us". It's enough to either make you laugh and look at your girl/wife and say "Do you actually believe this stupid shit??" or stick a fork in the toaster to stop the pain.

Untill then...once again a look into the mind of YOUR friendly neighborhood comic.


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