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Monday, July 5, 2010

Oil Problem

Guys I was listening to George last night ( www.coasttocoastam.com ) and this BP clusterfuck is BEYOND alot worse than what the media is telling us...well what they are allowed to tell us. From what they were saying is that the media is getting $40k fines for getting around 65 feet from anything out there.

This thing is putting out 40% methane gas along with a lot of other bad shit and that it is a ticking time bomb. The people that are on the boat that is trying to drill the relief well are having to wear gas masks or they will die. The people on the coast have no clue that they are breathing this shit in and although it won't kill them right off the bat...but apparently the benzine that is mixed in with the methane and all...well just wait...in about a year alot of these people are gonna be diagnosed with cancer. And God knows what is going to happen if we have a hurricane or even a tropical storm hit this shit.

Folks I love a good conspiracy theory just as much as anyone else. Oswald didn't kill Kennedy, We didn't land on the moon the first time, and Bert and Ernie are gay...they just use seperate bads to fool us...but this isn't one of those. This is some real bad shit of epic proportions.

I am hoping my buddy Tort will post some stuff on here that he has found out...he can explain shit alot better than I can when it comes to techological crap. And if not here hopefully on the WAMAH site...http://wamah.myfreeforum.org/index.php

But do some research guys and see what all you can find out too, the website of the guy who was reporting all of this, http://www.enterprisemission.com/

It seems more on space stuff then this...but the guy really sounds like he knows what he is talking about.

Till next time, when I hope to have something funny to talk about...but my blog is for information as well as making ya laugh.



  1. I'm not much of a conspiracist, but it sure is funny this occurred just days after Obama agreed to open up offshore drilling. Real convenient for him to throw out a bone like that and take it back due to this epic disaster. I also find it odd that the oil spill hasn't caused gas prices to go through the roof much like Hurricane Katrina did. Guess that's the difference between Bush and Obama...YEAH RIGHT!

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