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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sports Drama

Need to take a break from "bible study" and run my mouth...well ok my fingers and brain...about some of the crap happening in sports. First you guys should know that my morning routine deals with watching Mike and Mike and Espn's First Take. Plus I have espn radio ( 1600 am here in Denver area ) on until our local show comes at 2pm and then change over to our local news station ( 850 am ) because the guys that do our local crap here are both about 70 years old and even with my plethora of sports knowledge I have no damn clue what they are talking about. Who gives a crap about how good the CU basketball program was in 1966? Not my ass. But needless to say sports and knowledge of sports is very big in our home. The tv is either on espn or the history channel almost all day.

Ok...first let me say I am sick to fucking death about hearing the name "LeBron James". This has gotten worse than "Brett Favre watch"!! If you don't know about this you of course are my buddy Eduardo who lives in Argentina. But I will break it down for him too.

LeBron James was drafted #1 by the Cleveland Cavaliers ( oops...Hey Ed...it's basketball ) and the guy is always compared to Michael Jordan...who most people ( me included ) thinks was the best NBA player of all time. To look at him I swear he should be playing tight end in the NFL. He is very gifted physically and is probably the best player in the league right now. Well he is a free agent and EVERY team wants him. Trust me, if we had the space in cap room I would love him to come to Denver...but that ain't gonna happen...so there are a few teams that have been courting him and of course some other marquee players that are on the market.

Well he and a couple of other superstars, Dwayne Wade of Miami and Chris Bosh of Toronto had a little "secret meeting"...not really "secret" because espn has been saying they were gonna do it for over a month...to decide what they all wanted to do and where to go. Espn actually called the meeting a "summit". That befuddles me because that term is usually reserved for high ranking officials of countries and their meetings about global warming, oil, or killing the asshole who came up with the Ice Capades. And I don't think you can have a "summit" with only 3 people...a "get-together, a cookout, a circle jerk yes...but not a summit.

The opening time for teams to actually talk to these players starts at exactly 12:01 tonight...or tomorrow morning...however you wanna look at it.

But guys this has been EVERYTHING that the bastards on espn have been talking about! You can barely catch game scores because of it. I for one am sick to death...kinda like when the radio station would take a good hit...and play the fucker twice an hour if not three times and within a week you couldn't stand the damn song anymore. Maybe that is another reason why I only listen to talk radio.

Allright...to end this shit I am going to enlighten all what will take place. Last year LeBron said he wasn't going to wear the #23 anymore. It was of course Michael Jordan's # and he was wearing it in tribute. When he said that I knew exactly what was going to happen.

LeBron and Chris Bosh are going to Chicago ( the house that Jordan built ) to play with a VERY good point guard, Derrick Rose.

Dwayne Wade stays in Miami and they add Joe Johnson to help him.

Paul Pierce stays in Boston...unless Mark Cuban who owns the Dallas Mavericks resigns Dirk Nowitski ( sp? ) and he is enticed to go there.

Other than that it's just a buncha crap! Folks you heard it here first! Unless i am wrong and then will delete this post and explain to everyone that I don't watch basketball...which I really don't and could care less about it except for the college final four.

Allright...now that got that shit out of my system another wonderful piece of news has popped up. Apparently Michael Vick is still a fucking idiot. You all know what he did before to get in jail and be put on the shortest least possible by the NFL. Ed just google Michael Vick and you will learn all.

Now it would appear he had a birthday party at a public establishment and invited the public to attend...although he did charge a $50 cover charge. I guess it went bad and one of his buddies got shot. Isn't amazing that the government is trying everything they can to take away guns from people like us...but these mentally fuck challenged sports stars have as many as they want and ALWAYS seem to do something stupid with them?

The kicker in this case is that Vick's lawyer told the league that he had left this party HOURS before the shooting. Well through the wonderful world of technology we have surveillance cameras and it seems he left somewhere in the 3 minute range of the shooting. So not only is he tied up in one more case of cranial rectus ( which is a anatomically and politically correct way to say "he had his head up his ass" ) he lied to the league...the same league that let him come back with a "0 screw up tolerance policy".

So I am guessing...and hoping actually...that they kick his ass out for good. So many sports stars just don't get it. It's a priveledge to play professional sports. It's a JOB! They are PUBLIC figures. But somehow alot of them just don't get that and think they can do whatever the hell they want. And not to be rascist...because I am not...I hate everybody equally...but untill dumbass Ben Rothlisberger pulled a couple of sexual assault charges all of this completely retarded shit was done by black atheletes. Just off the top of my head I will try and run down a short list of some of the crimes by black athelets over the past 10 years or so.

Lawrence Taylor in jail for having sex with a 16 year old ( trial pending ). Vick 2 years in jail for dog fighting and cruelty. Nate Newton busted I think twice with about 150lbs of marijuana. Plaxico Burress shoots himself in the leg at a night club. Pacman Jones...about 10 felony charges for all kinds of shit. Rae Carruth in prison for having his wife murdered. OJ Simpson...I think just saying his name is enough...lord folks the list is too huge for me to even really scratch the surface but that should give you a little bit of an idea.

Maybe because of this shit is why I watch college sports more than professional.

You guys have any thoughts on this? Please feel free to leave some comments. Hey Ed...do the soccer players in Argentina ever get into stupid trouble like the guys over here?

Allright I'm done...cause just talking about it makes me madder than watching it unfold everyday on the damn tv!!

Till next time



  1. Hey Dave, I read your article. Here we have many sports and it´s followers and of course the most popular of all is soccer. The problem is that while soccer is a beautiful sport to watch and practice, in professional levels is very mixed with business,and I don´t like that. We have no many cases of players involved in scandals or anti-social issues. Most of them come from poor families and that may constitute them, for the popular imaginary, in heroes.In the past players where identify with a club and one was a supporter of the club and was proud of his players. That changed, now the players are like goods that are bought and sold to the one that pays more. To me, the theme of soccer bores me now, except in situations such as the World Cup, where it seems that we are conducting a war against Germany or Brazil, but that's pure fantasy, like a big party. After that, when it ends all returns to normality....But it´s true that many people here likes talking about soccer all time as the main theme of conversation, and are fanatics of their clubs Like Boca or River and that are many TV programs dedicated to discuss soccer. I prefer to view Discovery Channel, Animal Planet or History channel or simple read a book...
    The other side of soccer is the public, some of them are gangs of so called "brave guys" often associated with club managers and politicians who live from dirty jobs. They tend to be violent in the games and fight each other with some dead left in the struggle.....
    Nevertheless it´s nice to go and see a soccer game, my club is "Independiente" and at times I go with one of my sons to watch a game, and have fun shouting the goals and after that going to eat a pizza with beer or a "choripan" which is a sausage with bread and a coca cola or red wine....

  2. Dave, I agree with you on all accounts. The way I see it, you can blame technology and the media for all the constant crap that's going on. Mybook, facespace, tweeter, etc. I don't care to know that my coworker felt the need to post he ate pancakes for breakfast before taking his morning constitutional. If I did, I have problems. The constant need people have to let others know what they are doing is just asinine. Now that isane mindset is being pushed into the world of sports. Technology and the media are ruining sports as we knew it. Back in the old days, reporters would protect athletes instead of outing them like present day. We're talking about people that play a freaking game for a living. Sure, it's fun to watch and cheer, but at the end of the day are any Lakers fans any better off because their team won the championship last week? They did beat the Celtics right? Sorry, don't keep up with the NBA much anymore, not the same without Magic and Bird on the court. This surely isn't our fathers' NBA, heck it isn't even our NBA anymore.

    ESPN should actually be spelled HYPE! It's not enough for them to rerun SportsCenter highlights all day anymore. Now they have to make news by overindulging us with reports on "superstar" athletes and what their next move will be. Right now it's Lebron, recently it's been Tiger and his private 18. Pretty soon they will be back on Farve (sorry, but I spell it like it's pronounced). Heard he's holding a press conference this afternoon to announce his decision on whether he'll be having the pot roast or meatloaf for supper at the old folks home tonight. Luckily for us there's only apple sauce on the Thursday dessert menu. Hey ESPN here's a thought, how about bring back some of the stuff you used to show like sumo wrestling and Australain rules football. The refs in the bermuda shorts and white blazers were always good for a laugh.

    As far as athletes getting into trouble these days, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I have to agree with former NBA player Charles Barkley who once said professional athletes should not be role models. I whole heartedly agree with him. Admire their feats and ability on the field or court, but their off the court antics are way out of bounds. And it isn't everybody, but it doesn't take many rotten apples to spoil the bunch. Maybe ESPN should start reporting on the varoius charities and other positive things professional athletes do that go unreported. Otherwise, do we really need to know about Landon Donovan sneaking one through his girlfriend's 5 hole? Sorry, to vent on your blog Dave, but you struck a nerve with me today. Mabye I'm just jealous as my athletic ability never advanced past the 7th grade and my only hope at having so much money I don't need an excuse to act like a complete idiot without any reprucussions is to win the lottery. Nice blog Dave!