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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Thought I would at least let you all know how much I love sports and all as well as what teams I follow and crap.

Of course my favorite sport is football. Now I like college ALOT more than professional when it comes to this because alot of the pros are a buncha damn cry babies or thugs or just plain stupid. You all know what I am talking about. But then again some of the college players aren't playing with a full deck either...especially here in Colorado. We had the punter from Northern Colorado University who wanted to be the starting kicker so bad he stabbed the starter in the leg.

Needless to say he isn't in college anymore...hopefully there is some cans to kick in the pen. We also had a Colorado Buffalo player get so mad at a girl for breaking up on him he broke into her dorm room and took a shit in her closet. I don't know about you folks but I have been broke up with alot and have never done anything like that. I do give him credit for originality though...I guess the Nair in the shampoo just didn't quite say it for him.

But back to college...I am a HUGE Michigan fan. Now not because they are the winningest program in college football history, which you couldn't tell after the past 3 seasons, but because when I was 8 I thought they had the coolest uniforms.

When it comes to pro I have bounced around when it came to teams I like. Loved the Steelers in the 70's because of Lynn Swann. Loved the Broncos in the 80's because of John Elway. Tried my best to love the Detroit Lions in the 90's due to Barry Sanders...talk about a one sided deal there. And I was in SC when we got the Panthers. So they are my NFC team untill I die now. But I have since moved from there and now reside in Denver so I am back to following the Broncos. Trust me folks...I don't know how other major cities are...but these people are fucking nuts about their Broncos. They could almost care less about the Rockies, or the Avalanche or the Nuggets...But by God they LOVE their Broncos.

Ok...I also love baseball. Was a big Atlanta braves fan all through the 90's because of Ron Gant. He was the only ripped guy who wasn't on steroids. But now I live here and since The Rockies don't have that big of a following I am for them. I have been to about 5 games since i moved here and it really is a great ballpark...well except for the nudie bar prices on beer. I wish someone will tell these assholes "Hey!! They make the shit right down the road!! Can I get a discount?" Untill that happens I am stuck paying $6.50.

Other sports...well being from the south I like NASCAR...root for Jeff Gordon. Don't care too much for basketball. After Bird, Magic, and Jordan left it turned into the stupid hip hop and lets see who can have the most tattoos on their neck shit. I do like however to watch the college playoffs.

What else...well you know about chess and poker. I am also a decent pool player and can bowl in the 170's...damn...I guess that is about it.

Well untill next time some outlandish thing pops in my head..have fun!


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