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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bathroom Stuff for Men!

I know, not the best subject I could actually talk about...but I found a company here that has the BEST stuff you could imagine.

I was messing around on Ebay about a year ago and looking at shaving soaps because I switched to using a straight razor. First off folks I know it sounds so scary to shave with one of these...but it really is not that hard and as long as you progress slowly when you start you shouldn't hurt yourself too much.

I started because the price of disposable razors keep going up and the Mach 5's or the Fusion's replacement blades will just kill your wallet. So I looked at the straight razors on Ebay and first went for where they are made. If you get one ALWAYS either Solingen Germany, Sheffield England, Or Eskilstuna Sweden. I have been dealing with knives all my life and those 3 cities you will NEVER go wrong.

Well brand new Dovos from Solingen ran about $200. I thought damn! That ain't saving any money...so I looked at vintage straight razors...used ones. My first one was a Solingen one that I got from a couple in Bulgaria. Their father had died and he was a barber and had shaved people with this razor for about 40 years. Got it for I think about $20. And it is the one razor I will NOT put a handle on. Check out my handmade crap and you will see what I mean.

Ok...got my razor. So now I need soap, a mug, a brush, a strop, and a hone. Mug and brush pretty easy to do...got a nice Old Spice one and it came with two brushes. Strop...bought a brand new one...Hone...first one was a 12,000 grit ( I now have 3 ranging from 1,000 to 15,000 ) and then I needed some soap.

Bought some handmade crap that seemed ok but just never worked great. Tried Williams shaving soap...which for the price folks is awesome. But then I found a small company out of Nebraska.

Th Ogallala Bay Rum Company. Tried their soap...not bad at all...but got some free samples of their other stuff and fell in love!!

The aftershave stopped my dry skin problem. Their balm cured the cracks in the wife's heels. The air fresheners make the house small great. The cologne is awesome and I wear it completely now...Shelly wears the limes and peppercorn and it makes her smell beyond sexy.

Trust me folks...the owner's name is John and we talk on the phone alot due to me starting up the straight razor honing business and we are working out a deal to make his stuff big here in Colorado.

So check it out and let me know what you think! I swear one product will make you want to have all of it.



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