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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another sign...

of geting old I guess of course is that I have absloutely no idea what music is popular now. I mean I hear some kind of crap blaring out of people's car windows sometimes but I really can't qualify it as "music".

I basically listen to all talk radio now...mostly ESPN Radio. I do catch some Limbaugh and a couple of the local political shows here and there and of course listen to Coast to Coast with George Nowry at night unless the wife wants to watch a movie for us to fall asleep to. But I started wondering when this change took place.

I think it happened for real when I was in Portland Oregon and living a miserable existence with a woman that had the intelligence level Cream of Wheat. I was about 30 and was sitting in the car on break from one of the mindless manufacturing jobs I held over the past 20 years and couldn't find any decent music to listen to so i switched to the AM station by accident. Remember when we were kids and all AM ever had on it was classical and old fogie shit? Well I do, which is why I was pleasently surprised to find people talking about stuff on there. I have been hooked ever since and of course am in school now to get my degree and hopefully be able to run my mouth on the radio.

But music really started dying in the 90's I guess. Either that and i am just stuck in the 80's and miss albums like ACDC used to put out that you could just put it on and let it play. Remember that shit? Then all of the sudden you would have to buy the whole record for 1 or 2 good songs and the rest was pretty much crap.

Now i hear the demon child playing this utter garbage called Tech 9 in her room and i swear it's enough to make you wanna stick a fish scaler through your temple so you don't have to hear it anymore.

Oh well...I guess I am just old and not with it anymore...which is ok...because I would rather pour honey on my balls and sit on an ant hill then listen to the crap they call music today.


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