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Friday, May 28, 2010

Chess News

It would seem that Gata Kamsky has risen back to the top ranks and captured the US title again. He is one of the top players I have never gotten to meet...and after hearing alot about him I guess I might be lucky. I have hobnobbed with quite a few back in the day when I was still playing OTB tourneys...now I stick to playing online at Gameknot.

Also good ol Vishy took out Topalov to keep the World Championship under his belt. He better get prepared because I think this little Magnus Carlsen kid might have his number in the next defense.

I do still play alot online and try and keep up but as age keeps creeping on me, which I have refrenced to quite a bit as of late, I am finding myself not as sharp. I now am content with the draw rather than fighting into an endgame where i might have a slight advantage. That shit takes ALOT of brain power and patience...which it would seem I am starting to run in short supply of.

Luckily though all of the years of chess have really made me a VERY good poker player. I plan on hitting Blackhawk quite a few times this summer ( that is where our casinos are here in Colorado ) and hopefully win a few tourneys. It would be sweet to win the qualifier for the WSOP. I win that and get to go...well school will have to take a hiatus. I have been on TV alot...mostly on Comedy Central but NEVER on ESPN.

Now wouldn't that be a dream come true!

So all of you that might be reading this...look for nmdavidb either on Gameknot or over at Ultimatebet.

Sit down and play a game or a few hands with me!!


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