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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting Old

George Carlin talked about this alot...how we lie to ourselves and we don't say "I am getting old"...we say, "I am getting older". Trust me folks having the equivalent of a master's degree in the bullshit department I lie to myself alot.

Point being is that apparently while Shelly was in the hospital again and I being the wonderful hubby I am I pinched a nerve sleeping in that shitty recliner thing they offer. Slept there for 4 out of the 6 nights she was in.

Have you ever popped your arm out of socket right at the shoulder? Feels kinda funky for a bit when it happens...and then you deal with a very irritable pain for a few days and then it's gone. At 38 I think they have given up on irritable and gone for downright agony. I swear my shoulder feels like someone is cramming a needle into it.

I can't laugh or sneeze or even fart without almost passing out due to the pain. Needless to say I have been administering my own form of 12 oz anisthetic. Seems alcohol will cure stuff whether your pour it on ya or in ya. And add a few percocet and I can actually function for a bit.

It is sad though...getting old. Of course the opposite would really suck but it's hard to deal with this kinda crap. I don't skateboard anymore because when I miss a heelflip I end up laying on the pavement for about 10 minutes hoping my spleen is still intact. I still love to ride my bikes...I have a Specialized Rock Hopper mountain bike and my boy "Trigger", a 2002 Specialized 415 Pro...which is a 20" BMX. Punch that into Google and you can see him. Only about 15 were sold in the US...and i got one...sorry folks...not for sale.

But even riding those...especially the 20" wears me the hell out. I guess chess and poker are about all I can do anymore...those only make my head hurt from time to time.

Oh well...another look into the mind of your friendly neighborhood comic.


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