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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Songs and Feelings

Sorry that it has been a bit, and I promise to finish the article. Can't do it right now because I am at the parent's house baby sitting their dogs while they galavant in California. They get beaches...I get the nastiest farts blown my way that you can imagine. I swear one of the ones the boxer let last night, and no sound mind you...this fucker has ninja shit going on, almost fused my left eye closed. To all you dog lovers...ya'll must like that aroma...but that shit ain't for me. I'll scoop a litter box in a heartbeat rather than be watching the tv and out of nowhere with no warning the toxic fumes of deviled eggs left in the sun for four hours slaps me in the face. That shit right there will almost make you call the dumb friends league and swear you just found his ass wandering down the street.

Ok. So I was screwing around on youtube and looking at the top 40 hits of the 80's by months and all and realized that we really put alot of feelings and memories into songs from our growing years. I mean I was born in 1972...and all I really remember from the 70's was listening to Smothers Brothers albums, the BeeGees, a little John Denver, and my two favorite songs ( please don't ask me why ) Cystal Gayle's "Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue", and Paul Simon's "Slip Sliding Away". Later in my life "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" would hold a more potent meaning.

But the 80's was my decade. MTV played music...what the fuck happened to that channel? The British Pop Invasion, the "one hit wonders", the "hair bands"...even soppy ol' Lionel Richie and all of the couple skate songs he cranked out.

Those "couple skate" songs hit home alot. Makes ya think about who you were going with at the time...well for that week. I never had a "steady" girlfriend. I was like that old bull in the joke, "Let's walk down...and fuck 'em all". But life in the 80's was so less complicated.

But the songs, you hear Tears For Fears and by God you will be singing, or Skid Row's horrible song "Youth Gone Wild" and if you are in the car people will see ya banging your head. I mean I can't even help but sing to the song I thought was the absolute worst "Mr Roboto" by Styx. And ya think back to where you first heard it, or maybe a special moment...hopefully "Mr Roboto" is not linked to any sexual experience for ya'll...otherwise you all are the twisted fucks and should be writing this blog and I am actually normal! And we all know that ain't the truth.

I took a History of Rock and Roll class at ACC ( which Metro did not let transfer ) and had to make my case on the difinitive song from the 80's...I mean Buffalo Springfield's song "For What It's Worth" is the song of the 60's, the BeeGees "Staying Alive" is the 70's, and Tears for Fears "Everbody Wants To Rule The World" is the 80's. My teacher didn't agree...I asked him what was and he couldn't answer so I said by God then mine is right.

Oh well...hopefully you all will comment a little on songs of the 80's or 70's...break up songs...party songs...just whatever.

Till next time a small look into the mind of YOUR friendly neighborhood comic.



  1. Great stuff! Can't help but smile whenever I hear just about any 80's song on the radio. Big hair and spandex, memories that put me right in the middle of the Breakfast Club dance scene. However there are a few exceptions that if played on anybody's iPod immediatiately trigger an explosion taking their head off.

    1. Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" Uh, HELL no!

    2. Culture Club's " Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" Yes, yes I do!

    3. Anything by New Kids on the Block, I had a younger sister that lived and breathed NKOTB. The term boy band makes my skin crawl to this day.

  2. George Michael and Boy George are quite the epitomy of musical upchucks that we would all like to forget.

    As for Mel and that whole Backdoor boy/ New crap I always wanted to slap her a few times for being that naive. I do hope that after a few kids in her life now she has better taste in music. I am hoping Justin Bieber is not being played in her house.

    The real songs though still grab us...that sone from "Fastimes at Ridgemont High" when Phobe Cates comes out of the pool was on the radio today...and all I can see is her when I hear that...and of course the mind goes to Judge Reinhold whacking off in the bathroom which ruins the shit outta the moment.

    I miss the 80's...today's music I am sorry but it fucking sucks.