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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Random Thoughts 11-13-10

Sorry I have been neglecting ya'll, but school has been hell...still at the parents...keep getting sick...and tried to start a new job.

First thing...sports. My Denver Broncos are officially dead. At 2-6 I don't see anything that can help them...except for the other teams not to show up for the remaining 8 games. We are 32nd in rushing...which really sucks because there are only 32 teams. We are also 31st against the run...so we suck in the ground game on both sides.

They are calling for Josh McDaniels' head pretty bad around here. Fans also want him to go ahead and play Tim Tebow since the season is really over. I am one of those fans...it would be nice to see what he can do...because although Kyle Orton is passing pretty great, he just ain't a leader for the players to rally around.

My Michigan boys are bowl eligible with a record of 6-3...which will be 7-3 after we beat Purdue today and then 7-5 after we lose out next two to Wisconsin and Ohio State. So we go to the "Toilet Bowl"...wooo hoooooo!!!

I think I should say something about the Heisman race. Alot of folks have given it to Cam Newton from Auburn who is playing better than Michigan's Denard Robinson...BUT...an icy wind doth blow Reggie Bush style through the campus in Alabama. I guess his dad was selling his services to Mississippi State and others...which is illegal. Right now it's all just talk...but the FBI have hopped into this one so that makes me raise a major eyebrow. Plus he got kicked out of Florida for stealing laptops or tampons or something. Is he crooked? I don't know...but the allegations keep getting bigger and weightier with each day.

Ok let's talk some basketball and hockey! Nah let's not. Untill we get to March Madness I could care less about basketball...especially the pros. And hockey? When someone can explain what the fuck "icing the puck" is maybe I will take an interest.

So I guess i will let you in on what I am planning for school. In my TV Production class I have to pitch a 7-8 minute idea for my team to shoot...that is better than all of he other idiots pitches in my group. Some of my first posts on here dealt with bible study...and my take on the bible ( which I need to get back to ) and one of the greatest comics of all time, Sam Kinison, was a preacher and had interesting take on Jesus.

He said there was no way Jesus could have been married, because of the resurrection story. You can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSwG9Tojg9I

I thought that would make a great skit...so that is what I am pitching to the class. I of course will have to write the script and get all of the shot setups and all...but I think it will be fun. Hopefully they vote for it.

Gonna leave you on this note...Genghis Khan had a great quote about people like me:

Every man has a purpose in life, even if it's just to set a bad example.

That about sums me up...till next time...don't let the bastards keep ya down.


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