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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sports Update 10-11-10

Shoulda done a 10/10/10 post but I was too mesmerized by the fact that we had trip 10's and actually played alot of poker yesterday in between doing homework and watching football.

As of right now I am actually trying something new. Ran out of the spicy brown mustard for my corn dogs and happened to look in the huge ziplock bag of stolen condiments from all the fast food places...you know that bag you have saved for either camping or the holocaust...and found a Arby's "Horsey Sauce".

Not too damn bad on a corn dog. Ok first football.

My M boys got pretty smacked around by Michigan State on Saturday...and how us losing 1 game to an undefeated team kicks us out of the AP 25 is beyond my ass...but we were.

Ash's Tigers showed their tails again and I think he is either praying for a new coaching approach or for the remaining teams on their schedule to be suddenly smitten with the potato famine.

Speaking of Ash's team...we also share a major intrest in the Carolina Panthers...which now really do need a complete overhaul. They suck harder than the girls I see hanging out in front of the "Lucky You" Motel down the street.

That would be even funnier if it was a joke...that hotel really is right down the street.

My Broncos also seem to have a chronic case of cranial rectus. Last week they rushed 20 times for 19 yds. Now I ain't no damn math scholar or nothing but even I know that shit ain't right.

We improved this week for I think 17 carries for 23 yards or something like that. Needless to say we can't run the fucking ball.

I do believe this is a Vegas year in both pro and college...because I couldn't pick a winner if I dug two feet up my nose.

Monday Night Football is on right now...and it is about as exciting as watching flies fuck. 4 field goals so far for the Jets...up 12-0. Apparently Randy Moss was NOT the enema that Brett Favre needed to get his shit rolling.

I swear watching the baseball playoffs is way more entertaining than watching these idiots run into each other and throw the ball to the wrong team over and over again.

I wonder if this has something to do with the CBA and possible lockout that is coming up? You would think if they wanted us to be behind the players they would be busting ass!

I have seen that wrinkled ol bitch with the saggy party balloon titties at the Waffle House move with more purpose than these prima donnas. It's sad is what it is.

Well folks I am too depressed to write anymore...untill next time..a look into the mind of YOUR friendly neighborhood comic.


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