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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life Update/Sports

Well as some of ya'll know my living arrangements have changed due to the 16 year old demon child and trying to get her to come correct. Hopefully it works, because living with the parents again is about as much fun as a root canal. I do thank the good lord they said yes because my credit makes me available only to rent a crack house or something.

Ok on to some sports. Well folks the first week of college football has come and gone. Ash's "Tigers" looked pretty crappy but still managed a win...watch for them to get killed by Auburn coming up. My Michigan Wolverines looked pretty spiffy and scored a nice win against UConn...which the coach Jim Edsel has turned that program into a giant killer. Trust me I was scared seeing them first on our schedule...a couple of years ago we lost to freakin Applacachin State on opening day in the big house.

Brian Kelly and the Notre Dame boys win their first and we have them next. Whomever wins that one I think will go on to have a good season...hopefully us.

All the other bigs played little crappy schools and most of them suffered a few problems but they still managed to win...except Oregon...who dropped 72 points on a crappy New Mexico team. I didn't theink they had football in New Mexico.

The biggest story of course was last night...Boise State, preseason #3, vs Virginia Tech, preseason #10. Boise is the wininngest program in college football for the past 5 years.

So predictions...Ash hopefully you will help me out.

SEC champ: Florida doesn't look to good so gotta go with 'Bama for the repeat.

Big Ten champ: Michigan has no shot and everyone is picking Ohio State...not me! Iowa Hawkeyes win.

Big East champ: Uconn lost to us and Pitt lost but it will come down to those two...I think UConn wins again.

ACC champ: Clemson still not strong enough...Florida State and Miami the toss up...Miami wins.

Big 12 champ: Last year for Nebraska and they look good and will win the north division. Texas will struggle without Colt McCoy...so Oklahoma wins in the end for it all.

Conference USA champ: The first of the "who cares" division...ECU Pirates take it.

MAC champ: The second "who cares" division...would like to say Central Michigan but gonna be nuts and say that Temple wins!!!

Mountain West champ: Utah is the only team that can beat BYU...so the Utes win.

PAC 10 champ: This one is tough...Lane Kiffin and USC dealing with the NCAA crawling up their ass but i think they will still have a great season...BUT!!! Jim Harbaugh takes Stanford all the way to a BCS bowl...and then leaves to be Michigan's new head coach.

Sun Belt champ: Part three of the "who cares"...Florida Atlantic

WAC champ: Simple...Boise State

National Championship: Oklahoma or Alalbama vs Boise State...Boise wins

Heisman Trophy goes to...Kellen Moore over Jake Locker

Till next time...


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  1. Easy on my Tigers, one game does not a season make. I'll take a 25 pt. win any day of the week. Defense missed some tackles, but we had two RB's over 100 yds. on the day. Had three scoring drives that were unders 30 secs. each, a 60 yd. TD run the second play of the game and a 70 yd. TD pass. Can't complain about that. We'll find out how good we are in two weeks when we play Auburn.

    Michigan has their measuring stick game this week against Notre Dame, that should be a good one. In fact, a lot of good games this weekend...OSU/Miami, OU, FSU, UGA/USuC.

    I do know a little about football, but my predictions have been in the dump the last couple of seasons. So, here goes nothing.

    SEC: Florida/Bama - winner Bama, they are that good and SEC is down this year.

    Big10: BUCKEYE! No, change that to the Badgers.

    Big East: WVU, two words, Noel Devine.

    ACC: FSU/GT - winner Seminoles, they don't play Hokies or Jackets during regular season.

    Big12: OU/Nebraska - I'll go Sooners, but Huskers make a little noise before they move to the Big10.

    C-USA: Houston over UCF, all about the system in college football.

    MAC: Uh, um, er, hmm...heck give me Temple. If anybody is due it's the Owls.

    MWC: Easy, TCU, their new unis are BAD@$$!

    Pac10: With USC in the dumps, it's the year of the Ducks, Oregon that is.

    SunBelt: MTSU, because they've turned Middle into a direction.

    WAC: Boise, because their conference schedule consists of the Sisters of the Poor, Schools for the Dumb, Deaf & Blind and the blue team from the old electronic football game that Santa never brought me.

    National Championship: Bama vs. Boise(only because the media wants a feel good story and Boise's SOS ranks 87th)...ROLL TIDE! Bama repeats as champs.

    Heisman: Terrelle Pryor